Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising

This course is an introduction to visual merchandising, the creative and strategically vital activity of expressing a fashion or luxury brand’s identity in the retail space and of engaging store visitors to convert them into buying customers. The course aims to give you an understanding of the role of visual merchandising and to familiarize you with the tools and principles necessary to succeed in this activity.


This course includes 30 contact hours over 4 weeks. You will acquire the fundamental principles and objectives of visual merchandising, in order to understand how this activity fits into a brand’s operations. You will explore the main “stages” on which a visual merchandiser operates – the windows, the store layout, and the product display areas. In order to understand how to use these in the most effective way, you will discover the main principles of product display and the ways to use light and color to enhance the visual and overall sensory experience offered to the customer.


In addition to expert-led lectures, group workshops and exercises in the Center’s simulation showroom, you will have the chance to work individually on a VM book, which you can take away as a portfolio showcasing the expertise you have acquired.


By the end of the course, you will have an essential knowledge of visual merchandising, developed a comprehensive understanding of the VM tools that can help you in your work, and experimented with these tools in order to appropriate them so that you can start operating in this field.

your profile

Recent graduate:

You are a recent university graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in fashion, design, art or a related discipline. You are interested in the fashion and luxury industry and eager to understand the possibilities and prospects of a career in visual merchandising.



You are a professional working in the fashion and luxury retail sector, with a national or international brand, or a professional working in another field. You are interested in exploring a career in visual merchandising.


In all cases, you are an ambitious, hardworking, motivated and open-minded individual. You are seeking an innovative and interactive learning experience that combines traditional classes, workshops and group projects, as well as a field visit and the opportunity to meet with professionals in the sector.

you will learn

  • To understand the principle objectives of visual merchandising
  • To create window displays that showcase your brand identity as well as specific products
  • To analyze the store layout and traffic flow in a store
  • To apply this information to a display plan
  • To use tools provided by the brand, such as the VM book
  • To create a full sensory experience using color and light