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  • Angelica Cheung
  • Dominique Simard
Dominique Simard
board of directors

Angelica Cheung
Editorial Director
Vogue (China)

Angelica Cheung joined Condé Nast China in 2005 and led Vogue's successful launch in China. Under her leadership as editor-in-chief for the past decade, Vogue has set the benchmark for fashion media in China with its world-class original content, industrial authority and international perspective, and is now one of Vogue's most influential editions across all regions. Along with the magazine, Cheung also overseas Vogue China's website, iPad magazine, mobile App, social media, video and other multimedia platforms. She leveraged over 20 years of experience in media with exceptional vision and insights in the field, and extended the Vogue brand's influential power to the next generation digital-savvy audience. 

  • Dominique Simard
  • Dominique Says
Dominique Says
center managment

Dominique Simard
Executive Director
Condé Nast Center of Fashion & Design

With over 12 years holding key roles in leading international fashion schools in Shanghai and Paris, Dominique is well recognized for his expertise in developing and managing fashion schools in Shanghai. Since being appointed Director of Fashion Education for Condé Nast China in 2013, Dominique combined his profound understanding of the fashion education sector in China with Condé Nast’s unparalleled industry resources, led intensive market research amongst industry professionals, and pinpointed the key skills, knowledge, mindset and network the Center will provide to identify, cultivate, and inspire current and future talents for the industry.