The 'Little Black Dress': Create a classic style

The 'Little Black Dress': Create a classic style

This course is an encouraging and fun step-by-step approach to simple fashion design and sewing that will help you understand and enjoy the process. It runs over 8 consecutive Saturdays. The classic ‘Little Black Dress’ or LBD, can take you stylishly through the day at work, and beyond - out to a date or evening cocktail party. Have fun learning about this wardrobe essential, and try your hand at making one to fit. 


Over 8 weeks you will be shown the basics of designing and making a shift dress style. Through a short visual lecture you will appreciate the historic allure of the LBD and its flattering properties. You will learn to measure and draft a block pattern; cut and fit a ‘toile’ then select and buy a suitable fabric to cut and sew your own dress. You will learn to develop a sense of the proportions, fabrics and styling that can be used to design and create a suitable version for yourself. The classes are consecutive, to build up design confidence, with supervised learning and demonstrations of skill and techniques such as inserting a zipper, facings and seam binding. Students will be required to follow some visual and verbal instruction and yet add individual creative flair to differentiate their own designs. The units are not competitive and there is no exam or homework given. It is assumed that all students will manage to complete and enjoy the process. Finally, celebrate your achievement by wearing your fabulous finished LBD to our Condé Nast champagne cocktail party. 

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This is a practical course where language, age (you should be 18 or older) and educational level is not important. It will be easier for you if you have used a domestic sewing machine before.

you will learn

- The background history and style rules associated with the LBD


- Learn how to develop and draw your own design and features


- How to translate a silhouette and measurements into a pattern and cut to fit


- How to create a ‘toile’ (a first fabric prototype) and adjust it


- How to select types of fabrics, textures and trimmings and determine the cost of your dress


- Gain confidence, accuracy, speed and personal satisfaction in making


- Collaborate and enjoy the results with others

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