Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration

This is a part-time introductory short course, it initiates you to the principles of life drawing and expressive fashion illustration from the model. The main elements of focus are dynamic shape, volume, color and texture in the expression of materials and drape interacting with the pose. Students will become familiar with the use of colored markets, watercolor pencil and pastels for the illustrations.


This course will help you learn how to develop a sense of the proportions, idealization of the body and poses required for fashion illustration and design and the use of various artistic media.  Attention is given to fostering and developing hand and eye coordination and a personal style. Short visual lectures are given to give an awareness of techniques used by successful artists and illustrators.


You will practice and progress your own skills, speed and confidence in the use of media and experimentally develop a sense of the figure, dynamic line, color and texture, proportions, poses and interpretation of various textures and materials requires for expressive fashion illustration and design.


The units are not competitive and there is no exam or homework given. It is assumed that all students will relax, improve and enjoy the process. Paper, charcoal and easles are available but you should bring your own paintboxes and pencils. At the end of the semester we will exhibit the best of the illustrations on our website.

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This is a practical course where language, age (you should be 18 or older) and educational level is not important.

you will learn

- Build on the essentials of figure drawing to improve confidence and line.

- Proportions, rules of elongation, viewpoint and pose to idealize the fashion figure.

- Techniques for suggesting types of fabrics, folds and textures and fit.

- How to deal with tricky problems such as poses and positions of hands and feet

- Discover how to work in black and white, colour, detail and use a variety of materials, backgrounds and moods through ‘mark-making’

- Using colour and trend details to add atmosphere and fashion attitude.

- Confidence, speed and development of personal expression

- How to maximise, appreciate and develop your own style and discuss with others

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