This course provides an operational overview of the steps involved in organizing and running a fashion or luxury event, such as a runway show, client appreciation event, product launch, or store opening.


This accelerated learning experience will give you a comprehensive view of the logistics behind the design and organization of an event. In fashion and luxury, events are an increasingly important platform for brands to reinforce their image, to provide an expression of the personality and experience of the brand DNA, and to create multimedia content that can be used afterwards for ongoing marketing activation online and offline.


You will look at all the necessary steps, including the budget, selection of venue, food and beverage, guest list, possible pre-event publicity, timing of event, any entertainment, and digital trace of an event. We will also provide the opportunity to hear from practitioners about different types of events in the fashion and luxury world: runway shows, VIP client appreciation events, openings of a luxury store or hotel, and product launches.


By the end of the course, you will have a complete vision of why brands organize events and how to go about planning and successfully running an event. In addition to talks from experts, there will be an individual assignment to help you put into practice what you have learned.

your profile


You are a professional with one or two years of working experience in marketing, PR, hospitality, or a related field. You are interested in working in events management organization or in understanding enough to be the “client” of brand working with an events agency.


Recent graduate:

You are a recent university graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree, and you are interested in learning about events management in the fashion and luxury sector.


Across the board, you are an ambitious, hardworking, motivated, and open-minded individual. You are seeking an innovative and interactive learning experience that combines traditional classes, workshops, and group projects that emphasize hands-on learning, as well as the opportunity to meet with experienced entrepreneurs and other guest speakers.

you will learn

- To create a brief for an event related to a specific strategic objective

- To brainstorm and test possible ideas for an event

- To ensure that the event is aligned with the brand personality

- To plan all the logistical aspects

- To establish an operational timeline for the lead-up and the duration of the event

- To capture multimedia content during the event for post-event use

- To debrief the event