Protégé Program: Fashion Design Incubator

Protégé Program: Fashion Design Incubator

The Protégé Program: Fashion Design Incubator is our premier program for identifying and cultivating China’s top emergent designers. By leveraging our distinguished world-class faculty against unprecedented access to industry associates, this program will offer advanced competencies in practical, technological, innovative and business-orientated aspects of fashion design practice. We will support new talents to lead successful partnerships with leading brands or to create their own enterprising fashion label.


You may join this program at any point in the year. This is a flexible part-time course, fine-tuned to individual needs and personal timetables. You can expect a variety of learning experiences consisting of:

       - Personal tutorials and design support (30 hours)

       - Online (LMS) work package of resources and tasks (approx. 3 hours per week)

       - Group lectures, role-play, simulations and discussion (approx. 15 hours)

       - Master-classes in design and portfolio clinics (approx. 12 hours)

       - CAD/CAM, digital design– technological demonstrations (approx. 20 hours)

       - Observational field visits and fashion tours (approx. 30 hours)

       - Personal research and self-directed learning (approx. 1000 hours)

your profile

This course is for you if you believe you are China's next top emerging fashion designer.


You are an ambitious, dynamic, creative, and experimental individual. You either have an education background in fashion design related disciplines, or have gained an substantial amount of practical industry experience. You wish to find manufacturers, create a line, and find a suitable market. You have promotional intelligence, and you yearn for an opportunity expose and promote your work at both the national and international level through impactful media outlets. You have an outstanding fashion design portfolio and are prepared to learn new methodologies. You will work hard to achieve your own creative dreams. You aim to launch and develop your own brand or become a leading designer in a successful fashion brand.



You are a recent graduate with outstanding fashion or textile design related qualifications. You wish to further your study in a particular market, or type of clothing, with a world-class faculty. You wish to gain practical industry experience and to explore and develop your potential career path. You may also have returned from an undergraduate or postgraduate-level design education abroad, and wish to understand and connect with the rapidly changing Asian fashion industry and market.



You have been working as a fashion designer for a brand or your own label. You are interested in advancing or restarting your career or enterprise through access to expert support in CAD/CAM technology, catching up with materials and manufacturing methods, establishing an international and local market intelligence, as well as executing brand management and new media skills.



You have a clear understanding of practical fashion manufacturing or direct retail industry experience, responsibility and capability. You are prepared to utilize your transferable skills and prove your exceptional talents in fashion design. 

you will learn


- How to research, design and develop visually and cost-effective fashion items for the sector or brand that most interests you

- How to expand your existing creative, analytical and intellectual knowledge so that you may apply your ideas in a variety of problem-solving ‘live’ projects with teamwork

- How to identify opportunities, goals, and self-realization methods for your talents



- New, practical, and sought-after technological and professional design skills, localized production methods, and work-flow methodology

- Insider insights: budgeting, business plans, day-to-day operations, management, and brand communications

- Sufficient skills and competencies in order to be ready for a high-level design position with a top brand or agency, or to confidently start your own fashion enterprise


career possibilities

  • Womenswear Designer Menswear Designer Formal Wear Designer Bridal Wear Designer Sportswear Designer Leisurewear Designer Costume Designer
  • Fashion Retail Consultant Fashion PR Executive Fashion Forecaster Colorist Personal Stylist
  • Fashion Pattern Designer Fashion Technologist CAD/CAM technologist
  • Fashion Buyer Merchandiser for Retail Fashion Stylist for Retail Fashion Stylist for Visual Merchandising
  • Fashion Illustrator Technical illustrator Fashion specifications

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